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Modular houses and buildings


A modular building is a manufactured building consisting of separate and assembled sections on a permanent foundation to save time and labor on site. The modules can be assembled into buildings floor by floor. Modules are increasingly used to build houses or multi-unit buildings. In general, consumer demand for manufactured housing is differentiated between affordable homes and those of high-end custom-built home. While the demand for classic manufactured homes is stable, the demand for innovative products in this sector appears strong.


Unique and designed by experienced architects, the contemporary design of our products is renowned for its steel frame. Made of superior materials, from the quality-coated fittings to the pipework, it has a  very upscale and has an unmatched finish in this area. Everything is offered at an extremely competitive price. And even more surprisingly, once the land and the foundation are ready, this dream home can be delivered and installed within 72 hours!





Products offered

  • Contemporain “green” houses


  • Vacation homes


  • Apartments building, multiplex


  • Hurricane and earthquake resistant shelters


  • Student apartments and retirement residences




This modular steel house is offered in several versions. The differences depend on your environment, desired space occupation, and by the number of rooms needed. Find more information in the annexe section at the end of the document to know in detail all aspects of our products, or you can also visit our Models page.



Greatly appreciated and sought after by customers, the full-wall windows offer a high quality and incomparable brightness. In winter or summer, you can feel in contact with the outdoors. By its smart and practical design, the integrated garage gives you the opportunity to keep a clean visual perspective. Unique in residential construction, the flat steel roof covered with elastomeric membranes provides outstanding load capacity to satisfy your needs, whatever they are. These additional spaces –non-existent in other housing types– add to the living space of your home, providing a larger area of privacy. Because of their heavy-duty robustness, these spaces offer you the possibility of installing a patio, trees and perennials, a gazebo, a garden, a spa, a swimming pool or even a solarium!


The exterior composite coating, as well as the terraces of the Steel Block Habitat is designed with fibroplastics composite, a green, maintenance-free, and innovative material. Currently, the Steel Block Habitat would be the first home of its kind in Canada. Furthermore, due to its structural capacity, its innovative exterior finish coating, as well as the abundant fenestration with a high quality triple A aluminium framing, this home will guarantee you low maintenance and a significantly superior sustainability as compared to traditional constructions.



Why Choose a House with a Steel Structure?

A residential building with steel structure offers several incomparable advantages. It has a high load-bearing wall that could support up to ten storeys without concrete. Its strength and reliability keep you safe from natural disasters such as earth tremors and earthquakes. In fact, these timeless homes retain Canada’s high standards of quality concerning energy performance, where extreme weather conditions can vary from -40 to +40 Celsius (-40 to 100 Fahrenheit). In addition, this material provides extra protection against fire and is a permanent solution to problems related to pests (termites, carpenter ants, etc.). It’s resistant during transportation and even exportation.   Wrapped steel is also a material that requires very little maintenance, especially since it is protected by a baked paint, applied in a vanguard workshop, offering an exceptional finish quality and a durability of at least 50 years. For all these reasons, you will save time and money for decades with a Steel Block Habitat!




We offer the choice of home automation. This new trend in smart housing is becoming increasingly popular. Through various personalizations, you will have the opportunity to live in a more comfortable, efficient, modern, and streamlined environment. Smart housing fits the lifestyle of the occupants, adjusting to their needs. It allows different technologies in a user-friendly, centralized automation system configured to the customer’s request. It can perform any simple and fully automated daily or routine task. Whether for maintenance of a heating system or centralized lighting control, home automation is the key to a profitable union between comfort and energy efficiency. Concerning the safety of your home, you can keep track of movement in any room with the IP surveillance cameras. No matter where you are, you can stay in touch with the system using any of the latest smart phones.



Delivery and Installation

With a first manufacturing plant of high quality modular homes, Steel Block Habitat install quickly and easily with a minimum of preparation on any terrain. From our ultra-modern factory partner in China, and under the supervision of our team of Canadian and European experts, these houses are built to meet the highest quality standards, including “ISO 9002”, and are assembled in the country where they are installed. Therefore, the structure and materials are already inspected and secured before delivery. Since everything is made in a factory controlled under favorable conditions, you will avoid any problem related to usual construction on external sites. You have the promise of a complete flawless finish, from flooring to the final painting touch.



“Green” House Adapted to the Environment

This type of construction is already pre-built. After assembling, you simply have to provide the land of your choice where it will be installed. This approach reduces the impact on your immediate environment and preserves the natural habitat on which your house is built. The innovation of the steel structure allows the construction of safe green roofs, which reduces energy costs in both summer and winter.




Built to withstand

  • Earthquake resistant
  • Wind force resistant
  • Roof can accommodate heavy charges
  • Insulation


Steel, concrete & aluminium

  • 100% recyclable, rigid, torsion-free steel structure
  • Fiber cement floors
  • Insulation is compliant with strict national building code
  • Aluminium windows


Complete Finishing

  • Hardwood, ceramic tile and marble flooring
  • Finished walls, complete with base coat
  • Steel staircase kitchens and bathrooms
  • Heating and AC, ventilation, electricity, Plumbing,  Hot water
  • Indoor, outdoor and lighting fixtures
  • Closet and storage space including walk-in
  • Exterior finish
  • Steel roof with elastomer membrane
  • Patio and outdoor handrails